Friday, April 20, 2018

Does your Swim Smooth Squad app keep crashing? If so, here's what to do!

Dear Swimmers

Several of you have brought it to my attention this week that during the checkout process on the Swim Smooth Squad app on an iPhone, when you're attempting to but some more session credits, the app will crash preventing you from topping up your account. This will be affecting you I'm told if you've recently updated your phone to iOS 11.3. Apologies if this has caused you some grief!

How to fix it:

  1. press and hold on the Swim Smooth Squad app icon on your phone to make it jiggle around and give you the option to delete the app by pressing the "X"
  2. open your app store and search for "Swim Smooth Perth" or simply follow this link
  3. reinstall the app and you should be good to go again (don't forget to log back in of course)
  4. alternatively, this link will allow you to login from your desktop / laptop computer and top-up that way

Hope that helps! Have a great weekend!

P.S we've got some last minute cancellation spots available in tomorrow's NEW Saturday Stoic Sunrise Swim at Claremont Pool 0530-0700 - please use the app to register - thanks! It's a cracking little set tomorrow!



Wednesday, April 18, 2018

ANZAC Day - no 5.30am and 9.30am squad swims next Wednesday - sorry!

Dear Swimmers

I hope those of you with kids aren't being over-run during the school holidays and you're enjoying a little extra time with your respective brood!

Just a reminder that next Wednesday is of course ANZAC Day (April 25th). The Claremont Pool will not be opening until midday on this day so unfortunately our 5.30am and 9.30am sessions will not be running next week. If you normally attend these sessions, you don't need to remember to cancel out of them as I have done a blanket-sweep for all of you already.

You might like to "catch-up" on some of your swimming by attending the NEW Saturday Stoic Sunrise Swim 5.30-7am on this Saturday (21st April) and / or next Saturday (28th April). They are currently both showing as fully booked and have for the 3rd and 4th week in a row gone to waitlist, but I strongly suspect there will be some dynamic movement here due to the holidays allowing those of you in the waitlist positions of say 1-8 to get a place…so please be quick to register to snag one of those potential places. Just use the app to easily add yourself in.

I will personally be away with my family camping in Kalbarri Monday 23rd to Friday 27th April, but I leave you in the very capable hands of Coach Sally in my absence next week. See you Friday and Saturday this week though before I go!

Have a great time if you're going away yourself!


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Saturday Stoic Sunrise Swim - Round 2 this coming weekend!

Dear Swimmers

Hope you are having a great start to your week.

I just wanted to reach out and thank those of you who came along to our inaugural Saturday Stoic Sunrise Swim last week at 5.30-7am. I've been receiving some excellent feedback about the session, so thanks for taking the time to email / SMS / call that through, it's very much appreciated!

Top of everyone's feedback seems to be that they "loved the mix and variety" of our 5 session types, as indicated in the image above:

  1. Pure Technique
  2. Technique / Endurance
  3. "Red Mist" Endurance
  4. CSS (Threshold) Development
  5. Open Water Skills / Fun

…and that the 90 minutes seemed to fly by, even for those who've never ventured beyond our standard 60 minute classes. This is really pleasing to hear and as such it definitely seems to be a crowd favourite in terms of composition. Each week for the next 7 weeks of our 8 week trial, we shall vary this mix and it's even been suggested that we do a part-by-part reveal so that you never know what's coming up to add to the excitement of that!!

This week again has gone to a wait list for this session, though last week we had 8 people still on the waitlist by midday on the Friday and then everyone ultimately got a spot to swim given the dynamic nature of people having to cancel out before 5.30pm on the Friday evening. So don't despair - if you haven't got an official spot yet, try using the waitlist and then coming down if you get the call-up to be part of what I see as becoming a great staple to our weekly program!

Have a great afternoon!


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Saturday is almost upon us!

The dawn of a new era at Claremont Pool - the start of our Saturday Stoic Sunrise Swim is this Saturday, 7th April!

Dear Swimmers

Many thanks to all those of you who've registered for this week's inaugural Saturday Stoic Sunrise Swim at the Claremont Pool! We can't wait to get coaching you!

The session will have a unique feel to the rest of the week's usual squad sessions and during this initial 8-week trial period will essentially blend elements of our five swim session types:

  1. Pure Technique (i.e. drills and skills)
  2. Technique / Endurance (i.e. pull, paddles and bands work)
  3. "Red Mist" Endurance (i.e. solid endurance work to really challenge you)
  4. CSS Development (i.e. increasing the pace to really boost your threshold)
  5. Open Water Skills development (i.e. swim specific fun!)

Each week we'll vary the ratio around these key areas and aim to target specific events in the long-term, i.e. half / full Ironman, Rottnest swims and the open water swim series. 

In a nutshell, for those of you familiar with the squad, it won't be quite as hard as a Wednesday "Red Mist" session, but will contain a lot more variety, including some fun races and challenges in the latter 10-15 minutes.

A warm welcome from the Swim Smooth Perth Squad to those of you who are new to the squad with the inclusion of this new session!

Here are some important points if you will be joining us this Saturday:

  • the session will commence at 5.30am and run until 7am each Saturday, starting Saturday 7th April and running for 8 weeks as a trial period until Saturday 26th May
  • if interest is deemed viable by the pool, we hope to be able to continue to offer the session going forth, possibly with an extension to 2 hours (originally speculated as 5am to 7am)
  • we will be using lanes 1 to 4 from the shallow end of the 50m pool at Claremont for these sessions (this is the other side of the pool closest to reception for your reference)
  • the session for the first 2 weeks filled completely within less than 36 hours of announcing it - whoop!
  • we are now taking a wait list for these sessions, so there is still the chance to get in, but you need to ensure you are registered to the wait list via the app
  • if you have a spot but cannot attend, please cancel up to 5.30pm on the Friday evening before to release your spot to someone on the wait list and avoid being charged for your place
  • you will need a valid credits in your account to attend - to top-up, please use the "Buy Services" option in the app or use this link
  • if you complete 4 or more of the 8 sessions on offer in this trial period, you will be offered one of the inaugural permanent spots in this squad going forwards (like gold dust!) so please ensure you are registered for the tail-end of the trial period also to avoid missing out!
  • if you are brand new to the squad, please email back with your CSS pace (average pace per 100m for a 1500m swim or details at so we can better allocate your lanes
  • you will need to bring: 1) fins; 2) pull buoy; 3) paddles; 4) a sense of humour and that famous digger spirit!

See you on Saturday!

You can be assured of a well tailored, individual approach to your swimming with any of our squad sessions, delivered in a fun and supportive environment!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Easter Monday Pure Technique Session 7am and 930am

Dear Swimmers

Great news that the Claremont Pool re-opened just after midday on Tuesday 27th March - so all sessions are back on as normal, including tomorrow evening, Thursday 29th March at 6.15pm! Whoop! You might want to sign up for this session and use it as a "catch up". Just use the app to do so.

Of course it's Easter this weekend, so there will be no squad swimming on the following dates:

  • Friday 30th March
  • Saturday 31st March (don't forget we have the new Saturday Stoic Sunrise Swim starting the following Saturday at 5.30-7am for a trial period of 8 weeks - sign-up ASAP as it's already gone to a waiting list!)
  • Sunday 1st April

However, due to the pool being closed earlier this week and us not wanting you to miss out on your swimming, we've decided to re-instate the sessions at 7am and 930am on Monday 2nd April as a Pure Technique class with a bit of an added "spicy component" in the last 20 minutes to give you at least a little bit of a workout to burn off those chocolate calories. Please register for this session in the app. It's open to anyone, but you must register first and not assume you're automatically in for this session as it was never originally on the schedule. Hope it helps you maintain your fitness though and make-up for earlier this week!

Have a great Easter everyone - if you're heading down for the swim in Gracetown this weekend, good luck! Let me know how you get on!


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Pool Closure - UPDATE

Dear Swimmers

I hope you are having a little less of a stressful weekend than myself right now 😉 

As I mentioned on Friday's email, we are very fortunate that this unexpected pool closure is such a rarity that I haven't this situation in the entire 10 years I have coached from Claremont Pool, such is the diligence of the facility and staff. I can only apologise for the inconvenience in having the cancel the following five squad sessions:

  • Monday 26th March 7-8am (Pure Technique)
  • Monday 26th March 9.30-10.30am (Pure Technique)
  • Tuesday 27th March 5.30-6.30am (Technique / Endurance)
  • Tuesday 27th March 6.30-7.30am (Technique / Endurance)
  • Tuesday 27th March 6.15-7.15pm (Technique / Endurance)

If you were registered to swim in any of these sessions, you should have received a note stating that they are cancelled. You will of course not be charged for these cancellations.

The pool's filtration system is due to be back online for Wednesday's 5.30am squad session. I will confirm this on Tuesday for all registered swimmers.

What are we doing about it from a training perspective so you don't miss out?

  1. we shall be adding an Open Water Skills session* on Monday 26th March at 9.30am and also on Tuesday 27th March at 6.15am, both at Cottesloe Beach starting from the grassed area immediately in from of the pylon (northside of Indianna Tea Rooms). You will need to please add yourself in for these sessions directly using the app - I do hope you can join us for these! These sessions are open on a first-come first-served basis - so please be quick to register.
  2. ordinarily we cancel the squad for 4 days over the Easter period. The pool will still remain closed all day on Friday 30th March (so no squads), however, I will be foregoing the break to come back in on Monday 2nd April, so if you check your app you will see it is possible to book yourself in for the 7am and 9.30am Pure Technique sessions on that day. As I'm assuming that some of our regulars would still have holiday plans, please be sure to add yourself manually for these sessions if you intend to come. These sessions are open on a first-come first-served basis - so please be quick to register.
  3. by adding in Monday 2nd April, I also now have a 1-2-1 Video Analysis & Stroke Correction Session available at 8.10am on that day if anyone wants to jump on that one?

I'm very much hoping that these measures help to somewhat offset the disappointment of losing some training time. We'd really appreciate your support by attending the additional sessions if you are able?


*Our open water sessions are probably the best fun you'll have all week! Come down and enjoy developing your open water swimming skills including: sighting, drafting, turning and also developing your confidence in the great outdoors too! The sessions will always vary in terms of content and structure and will often involve a small amount of (optional) beach running too. You can expect feedback on your positioning for drafting, pacing ability and whether or not the smile on your face is big enough! It'll be a challenging session physically for all (even you fast guys and girls!).

Friday, March 23, 2018

Unforeseen pool closure

Dear Swimmers

I have just been contacted by the Centre Manager at Claremont Pool to inform me of an issue with the filtration system which they are concerned may not be able to be fixed in entirety until Tuesday afternoon next week (27th March), with a hopeful re-opening of the pool on Wednesday 28th March.

I don't wish to jump the gun (knowing that they are at work right now) so at this stage, please simply be advised that our squad sessions may need to be cancelled at short notice and our 1-2-1 Video Analysis Sessions rescheduled.

I do sincerely apologise for this issue. I am coming up to almost exactly 10 years at Claremont Pool (May 2018) with the current squad structure, and despite disruptions beyond control (thunderstorms) and the redevelopment of the centre (2010), this is the very first time anything like this has occurred - which is a pretty amazing run indicating just how great a pool facility we have at Davies Road!

I will be closely monitoring this situation over the weekend and also looking at possible alternatives like an ocean / river swim session to replace the Monday / Tuesday squad sessions. To whet your appetite for that possibility, here's two videos we created just yesterday with the drone during such a swim session:

Here's some food for thought too:

I have reached out to my 1-2-1 clients for Monday and Tuesday (mostly leaving voicemails given the weekend), but please do feel free to reach me on 0431540980 with any concerns. I am hopeful we can reschedule very soon in the event of a cancellation here.

I will endeavour to keep you all posted. Thanks for your support!